4 comments on “From Fat to Fighter–Tuesday

  1. Awesome Tim! Yes Jason says the same thing to all focus on position before submission. Try and move from position to position instead of holding on to one position too long ie pass guard to side control then to knee on belly then to mount. I know easier said then done. Keep up the good work, I wanna see u hit ur 1 year goal!

    • Thanks Gabe! Yeah, its funny how easy the stuff looks, then you go to do it and I end up in an arm bar lol. Hopefully I’ll adjust to the gi soon and get more weight off so I can have some better balance. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. yay! Sounds like the new gi is going to be a big help. I bet your little girl was giggling too watching her Dad. 😉

    PS Love the new blog layout.

    • thanks Hilary! Yeah, she had fun watching. She got to do the kids BJJ class tonight and had a blast. Thank you on the layout. I like it too. Looks a little simpler.

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