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  1. Oh thank you! Yeah, I saw your comment. I was just going off the video which looked hard to tell. Though usually when you see that “crumple” effect after a kick they usually stop it. Still looked wicked though.

    • No, you’re right, it totally looks like a KO from the video! In fact, when I double checked my pictures, I couldn’t believe that she wasn’t OUT OUT on the way down, and that there was still a lot of action going on. In the video, it is just a few seconds before things are over. In the pictures it looks like another 5 minutes! lol

      You can look at them on my website, I think the link is on my blog (don’t want to spam up your comment section, LOL)

  2. oh cool, I’ll check them out, just post the link and I’ll take a look. But I’ve noticed, and same thing with the Barnett/Mir fight, almost anytime you see that bobble head thing when a fighter is kicked or punched, they almost always stop it. Looks like this time the ref gave her a little more time, but yeah, it was crazy.

    • Take a look at the album and just let me know if there are any you want to use for the article, and I’ll make them web-ready for you and email them if you’d like!

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